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Brunch Club: Cure Restaurant

One snowy, cold, Sunday morning the Brunch Club braved the elements and went to Cure restaurant in Unionville. “Let food be thy cure” is the philosophy of our brunch restaurant this week, and this is some ideology we can support!

Brunch Club: Cure Restaurant

Driven by our natural brunch habits, we decided to sit at the very comfortable bar to enjoy our meal. One brunch club member always gets the Bloody Mary (it’s only fair to our readers, who can then make informed decisions of all their options), while the others like to try different brunch cocktails.

This week, the chosen cocktail was nearly irresistible (we challenge you to order it and not immediately want to recreate it at home): Salted Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee; salted caramel vodka, coconut mocha cream, coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee, cream, and caramel. The perfect hybrid for when you can’t decide if you want coffee or a cocktail. We highly recommend starting your Sunday morning with one of these! We also tried the Berry Manilow: prosecco, strawberry liqueur, and pineapple; which was precisely as good as it sounds.

Brunch Club: Cure Restaurant Unionville CT

Brunch Club: Cure Restaurant Unionville CT

The brunch menu at Cure is simple but with enough options to please everyone. Savory was the choice of the morning. We ordered the Bacon Egg & Cheese (bacon and an over easy egg served with aged cheddar, tomato jam and basil on a Portuguese bun), the Classic Eggs Benedict and the Mac ’n’ Cheese (four cheese sauce with house-made bacon, caramelized onions, buttered bread crumbs and white truffle oil). Pro tip: add an egg on top of the Mac ’n’ Cheese for an extra taste sensation!

Brunch Club: Cure Restaurant Unionville CT

We love the focused use of local ingredients from nearby farms, bakeries, breweries, and vineyards to create the excellent food and drink menus that Cure offers. They take local one step further, Cure also smokes much of their meat and has a menu with a heavy focus on bacon - which I’m sure we can all agree is the best way to focus a menu. Worth mentioning is the bacon and beer flight available for lunch or dinner (you read that right: a BACON FLIGHT - think beer flight and then add bacon and much happiness that you now know this exists) which is worth the trip alone. (*If the whoever has the ability to bring the Bacon Pancakes back to the brunch menu reads this - PLEASE DO).

Cure is an excellent addition to your ever-growing brunch list, if not just for the bacon (do you even need another reason?), then for the great cocktails and atmosphere that is perfect for your relaxed Sunday morning brunch.

Have somewhere we should try for brunch? Let us know!

55 Mill St, Unionville CT




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