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Heirloom Market

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

Heirloom Market is one of those places that guarantee an extra-special experience. Nestled in the heart of colonial Old Wethersfield, Heirloom is more than just a market. Come for a morning pastry & latte on the adorable patio or grab a table for lunch inside. The rustic charm & down-to-earth atmosphere will give you all the warm & fuzzies.

What's excellent about Heirloom is all of their veggies are organic & locally sourced. For those of you that have food restrictions, don't freak out…they have gluten free, and dairy free options for most menu items. They also bake individual small batches of vegan & GF goodies every morning.

Heirloom Market | fruits vegetables | All of the things CT

The first time I visited was for lunch with my cuter than a button grandma aka Noni. The food got her stamp of approval, which is honestly saying something. She's a guru in the kitchen, & the garden, so if Noni says it's tasty, you know it's some good eating.

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

What we ordered:

Market Salad - Sweet Acre Farm organic greens, quinoa, grilled organic asparagus, organic beets, organic radishes, herb roasted walnuts, goat cheese, & house herb vinaigrette.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich - grilled chicken breast, sweet onion, house cilantro, parsley pesto, mozzarella, & red peppers.

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

Avocado Toast with Bacon - avocado, pickled red onion, cucumber, watermelon radish, cilantro (all organic)

Organic Orange Juice - orange, lemon, carrot, ginger & grapefruit

While you wait for your food, I highly recommend exploring the space. There's so much to see! The historic architecture, murals, decor, and the seed store. Or you can watch your food be made through the open kitchen which is always fun.

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

Our food arrived quickly, and with a smile. The staff is super sweet here. The salad was bursting with freshness, but Noni was surprised that there was no side of bread included. (For those of you that are Italian, you'll understand that it's not a complete meal without a hunk of bread in your hand.)

"I'd like a couple pieces of bread before I start eating," she told me. So, I quickly went to the counter to fulfill her request. The gentleman behind the counter was so sweet & within minutes brought over some freshly toasted bread. Little did I know it was the owner, Spiro, who went the extra mile for us. Excellent & friendly service like that is something that truly makes a business stand out.

Heirloom Market | Chicken Pesto Sandwich | All of the things CT

Once Noni had her bread, we could finally feast. The first bite of my chicken pesto sandwich sent my tastebuds to cloud nine. The chicken was right off the grill, & juicy… no overly salted preserved meat here people. Between the parsley pesto and melty mozzarella, I was loving every tasty bite. Noni loved every crunchy bit of her salad and said she could tell all of the vegetables were grown fresh. The avocado toast was some of the best I ever had, and even though adding the bacon wasn't the "healthiest" topping it was amazing & I highly recommend it. The juice was the perfect balance of sweet and sour and was so refreshing after a big meal.

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

Whether you're stopping by for lunch and shopping the variety of local produce and products, Heirloom Market is one of CT's most unique eateries that has something for everyone. Their menu is always changing with new specials depending on the season, follow them on Instagram to stay up to date.

Heirloom Market | All of the things CT

Heirloom Market | All Of The Things CT

Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre opened January 20th. The natural foods grocery store and café will take the "farm to table" concept a step further and deeper into "seed to plate." The Market features local, organic, GMO-free groceries and essential household items as well as gardening supplies and Baker Creek's heirloom seeds. In the café, locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks are served as well as freshly baked pastries and loaves of bread. Hand-crafted sandwiches, panini, soups, and salads are available, and a full lunch menu will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The seed and garden center houses all of Baker Creek's heirloom seed varieties and necessary gardening supplies.

Heirloom Market | All Of The Things CT



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