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Conspiracy Cocktail Bar

Nestled on the second floor of the 1920s Capital Theater Building on Main Street in Middletown is a new and distinctive addition to the Connecticut cocktail scene. Meant to make you feel as though you are living in the age before Prohibition - when bartenders were idolized and cocktails were spirit forward and thoughtfully crafted, Conspiracy delivers on the Secret Society feel.

Conspiracy Middletown CT - Photo by Connecticut Food and Farm

The cocktails are exciting and original and the menu of shared plates and small bites make it easy to stay all night. The interior space itself is a sight to be seen full of homey touches and quirky decor, the perfect combination of beautiful and comfortable.

Conspiracy Middletown CT - by Connecticut Food and Farm
Camp fire old fashioned Conspiracy Middletown CT

If the interior isn't enough to win you over - the menu definitely will. The Campfire Old Fashioned is actually garnished with a roasted marshmallow. Love coffee? Good - you can have it in a french press or enjoy a cold brew on tap, both of which they artfully mix into cocktails. There is also the matter of the drinkware itself - our personal favorite is a Clarified Pisco Punch served in a charming teacup.

Waffles Conspiracy Middletown CT - photo by Connecticut Food and Farm

For all the wonderful industry folks who deserve to enjoy their nights off - Monday is Tiki Night. Their selection of Tiki-inspired cocktails is everything one could hope for, from a Mai Tai to a classic daiquiri with a little Doctor Funk and Zwacky Berd mixed in. If all of that isn't enough to tempt you to go to Conspiracy then we have one word for you - waffles. Two more words - late night. You're welcome.

Conspiracy Middletown CT - Photo by Connecticut Food and Farm

Photos of Conspiracy - Shot by Connecticut Food and Farm




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